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My wife and I

Brittany & Peter started B&P Deals because we didn't want to spend hours searching for all of the unique items that spoke to us.

That's why we created this website where all of these beautiful mens and womens jewelry items and specialty accessories could live together in all of their glory and beauty.

Along the way, we have attracted hundreds of people interested in the same
products that we love, and share the same passion we do. So this creates a win-win situation for both us and you as a customer who's coming to this shop.

We want to be the one source where passionate people can find all their
unique items.

So far we are focussed on womens jewelry rings | bracelets | earrings | necklaces.
As well as mens jewelry rings | necklaces.

We also love womens boho jewelry and carry evil eye jewelry charms.  We love these fun everyday wearables.

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